‘I was always the girl with a moustache’: Girl goes viral with poignant post about her body hair

An Indian woman who says she was treated as ‘ugly’ because of her body hair has written a heartfelt Facebook poem revealing why she now doubts a man who calls her beautiful.
Naina Kataria, from New Delhi, said she was ‘always the girl with the moustache’ in high school, and now goes through ‘excruciating pain’ to wax and defluff.
In her post, which has been liked 41,000 times, Naina wanted to share how much grooming women hide from men – sparking stories from other women about they have been treated because of their hair.


Naina posted the poem on her Facebook blog page called Infinite Entropy, which now has more than 19,000 followers.
She wrote: ‘When a man tells me I’m beautiful, I don’t believe him.
‘Instead, I relive my days in high school when no matter how good I was, I was always the girl with a moustache.’

Naina explained how hair removal is seen as integral to women’s femininity by many. She continued: ‘He doesn’t know of the world that tells you to “be yourself” and sells you a fair and lovely shade card in the same f***** breath.
‘He doesn’t know of the hot wax and the laser whose only purpose is to replace your innocent skin with its own brand of womanhood.’
She explained the hair removal creams and bleach weren’t seen by men but sarcastically said they were used by women ‘in the name of hygiene.

Naina continued: ‘He doesn’t know how unruly eyebrows are tamed and how uni brows die a silent death
‘All to preserve beauty.’
She finished by explaining when men offer compliments: ‘I dare him to wait till my hair grows back.’
Naina told Buzzfeed she came up with the idea when she went to a film with a date.
When an ad for razors came on, she told the website ‘I remarked that celebrities shouldn’t endorse such products because it sends out a message that one HAS to buy them to look beautiful.
‘He replied by saying, “OMG you’re too much of a feminist”.’
Naina then thought over what this means for women and how the high standards of beauty are the norm.
She told the website, it ‘hit me was how much we hide all these things from men. Women go through excruciating amounts of pain to look merely presentable and men don’t even have an idea of what it’s like.

The poem has sparked debate over the post with women sharing their own stories. Melissa Gomez wrote: ‘I get bullied about my hair. People always comment on how thick my upper lip hair is and my eyebrows. My body hair is so much that I wear long sleeves even in the summer to cover my hair.
‘Despite trying everything from shaving, threading and waxing, my hair grows in less than a week.
‘This has kind of made me realise that I should not care what they say, why should I cry over silly people like them?’
Susan Whyborn agreed that it’s difficult to be a woman with ‘excessive’ body hair.
She posted: ‘It’s something that can’t be understand unless you have had to deal with what society views as excessive facial or body hair.


‘You don’t feel feminine and attractive because society says it’s ugly.’
While Barfi Malik argued that it was down to your own personal perception. She posted: ‘I’ve never shaved a single hair on my body and still get compliments. No one thinks that a woman is ugly because of body hair, it is our thinking. Girls nowadays want to look like models and Hollywood actresses and that’s why they do what they do.’
But Leitizia Galletta disagreed with the poem and said ‘new-wave feminism is now targeting women who want to groom themselves. I love having smooth legs and armpits and spending time on my appearance, for myself.’
She also blamed such an attitude on ‘insecurities’ rather than society.
While some men also weighed in on the issue.
Mukund Nair commented: ‘It’s totally natural, love your body as it is.’

The poem was posted on May 3rd, it’s been shared more than 10,000 times.