Is Amar Singh the real reason for Yadav family feud in UP?

Lucknow,Oct26: UP CM  Akhilesh Yadav has some bad blood between secretary of  SP party, Amar Singh.He and the UP MP have locked horns in a battle on the streets of Lucknow.Posters depict Amar Singh as an agent of the BJP and in a derogatory manner as a dog whose tail will never straighten ,meaning that he will never mend his ways.His return and involvement in UP politics has hatched a feud between the Yadavs.

Tension among members of Samajwadi Party has reached to a level that a formal split in the party seems imminent, even as Akhilesh and others continue to be in denial mode. The party being divided into one including the likes of Shivpal Yadav, Mulayam and Amar Singh and  another with Akhilesh and his supporters.

The posters were put up by Anil Yadav ‘Master’ who identifies himself as a Lucknow University student leader and Er. Vineet Kumar Kushwaha, former student union secretary, Agra University.

“SP was a traditional party till 1996. The basic organizational network of SP was in rural and semi urban areas, but after Amar Singh joined in 1996, he brought glamour, political connections, Bollywood, network with big industrial houses and bling with him to the party. He managed to change the basic image of the party,” Livemint quoted a senior SP leader based in Lucknow as saying.

SP which was a regional party in 1996 and Mulayam a master-politician in his native Uttar Pradesh. Amar Singh’s 1996 entry into the SP broadened the party’s political canvas and the stature of its founder. Soon, on June 1 ,1996, Mulayam became the defence minister in the United Front government.

Hours after he was expelled from the party, SP leader Udayveer Singh told news media that the entire tussle in the Yadav family is the conspiracy hatched by party leader Amar Singh along with the BJP in a bid to destroy the Samajwadi party.

Udayveer added that when Amar Singh returned to the party, he continued to meet people from the BJP and attended and organized parties and dinners for them.

“He misinforms Netaji (Mulayam Singh )about people and misleads him. He plans everything beforehand. If Akhilesh is the party leader, then all powers should be given to him for ease of decision making,” Udayveer added.

Mulayam and Shivpal have publicly snubbed Akhilesh by declaring their support for Amar Singh. Akhilesh considers Amar as an outsider who is the reason behind all the fresh troubles in the party. Akhilesh wants Amar to be thrown out of the party, which is unlikely to happen.

Akhilesh supporters have been openly campaigning against Amar Singh and Shivpal in Lucknow.

Amar Singh teams up with Mulayam’s brother Shivpal Yadav, who is the SP’s state chief. Together, they are fighting a common rival: chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, whom they accuse of sidelining them.

In 2010, when Singh was removed from party posts, the move was at the behest of Akhilesh, the son of Mulayam.

For Singh, it is now time to hit back at Akhilesh, 17 years younger to him. One target in the mission is Ram Gopal, who was instrumental in propelling Akhilesh to the CM’s post and — in the process — turning into the party’s chief strategist.

MulayamSingh recalls “only two persons stayed glued to me during my times of crisis”. One, he would say, is late socialist MP Janeshwar Mishra and the other is Amar Singh.

Even last year, SP leaders like Ram Gopal Yadav and Naresh Agrawal were against Amar Singh. After leaving SP, Singh had also levelled allegations of serious nature against Mulayam Singh Yadav and had even threatened to expose him.

However, according to this report in The Indian Express, Singh now wants to revive the SP’s network with the other parties. The report also said that the return of Amar Singh will be benefitial for the SP because the party needs a mass leader and a political manager at the national level for the crucial 2017 UP Assembly polls.

Amar Singh, who is a Thakur, could help the SP oppose Home Minister Rajnath Singh, also a Thakur and considered to be the UP CM candidate of the BJP.

Amar Singh was instrumental in mediation between his party and the Congress — and played a key role in the SP’s support to the two successive UPA governments from 2004.

As long as Amar Singh has the support of his leader Mulayam Singh Yadav there is no doubt that the Yadavs need to be wary.