Amazon has announced Echo Look,Alexa device which helps you groom yourself

Amazon has announced Echo Look,Alexa device which helps you groom yourself

Amazon has announced Echo Look, its first-ever Alexa device with an inbuilt camera. It is the newest member of the Echo family and is aimed at helping users in looking their best, no matter what the occasion is. It is said to be a “style assistant” that can recommend best dressing styles for you.

As Echo Look is powered by Alexa assistant, it allows users to click photos and videos by simply using their voice. All you have to say is “Alexa, take a picture” or “Alexa, take a video” and the device will start clicking photos/video accordingly. This also helps you in taking full-size shots so that you can have a better look at if a particular dress is working for you.

There is also a companion app for the device which lets you compare multiple shots and recommends which one is best for you. It makes use of “machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists” for making recommendations. The suggestions feature is named as Style Check and is quite similar to Outfit Compare feature which Amazon’s iOS app already has.

The Echo Look features a depth-sensing camera with built-in LED lighting and computer vision-based background blur. You can easily create an album of all your different looks and dresses which can also be shared with others whenever you want. And since it has Alexa, you will get access to all the basic features like weather update, breaking news, set alarm, traffic update, sports update, and more. And with time, it will also get updated with newer Alexa skills to become smarter and better.

Amazon has priced the Echo Look at $199.99 which makes it cost $20 more than the standard Echo which comes without the camera. But for the moment, it is an invite-only device in the United States. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, you can register your interest on Amazon and wait to get an invite.