Amazon launches Pop-up Lofts, follows tech giants in preferring Bengaluru

Benguluru June 29:Amazon only recently launched a data-centre in India and it looks like they’re now gearing up to open a Pop-up Loft in Bengaluru. What exactly is a Pop-up Loft, you wonder? Essentially, it’s a large office that offers networking and consultancy services related to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to anyone who needs it. Anyone can walk in at any time and discuss technical details, AWS offerings, etc. with a member of the AWS technical team. The service is normally free. They also offer office space in some cases.

These Lofts are also host to technical bootcamps, workshops that offer training and hands-on exercises, for a fee. Pop-up Lofts can be temporary or permanent depending on demand in the region.

Andy Jassy has been put in charge of AWS’ infrastructure-as-a-service business. The Economic Times reports that the business is earning $10 billion annually, with a margin of over 24 percent. He told ET that they were, “looking closely at Bengaluru to set up a loft. Obviously because of the startups, it is one of the places we are looking at very hard.”

Amazon opened its Mumbai data centre on 28 June and says they’ll be focusing on the healthcare and banking sectors. The reasons for setting up a data centre in India are many. But the primary reason was data sovereignty. Many companies are also looking for lower latencies than foreign data centres can offer.

They also added that they’ll be looking to work on the Digital India initiative. Jassy says that they have 75,000 active AWS customers from India. He also adds that 89 of the top 100 startups in India use AWS. Amazon isn’t the first company with a data centre here though. Microsoft and IBM have both opened data centres here; Google is notable for its absence.

Major tech companies are already investing heavily in Bengaluru. Just a few months ago we reported that Microsoft was looking to invest $1 billion in Bengaluru and that they’re looking to open a campus in the city. That campus will effectively double Microsoft’s presence in India by employing almost as many people in India as are currently working for Microsoft’s India division. IBM also has a strong presence in India and Bengaluru in particular.

Apple has also invested in the city and are setting up a software centre there. They’ve already leased a 50,000 square foot office in Bengaluru and are expected to house 300 or more employees there. It’s also been reported that Apple will acquire another 40 million square feet of office space over the next 5 years.