Amazon sacks worker for sending parcel with ‘Uncle Adolf’ note

London, Jan 17 (IANS) An Amazon worker has been sacked for putting a note reading “Greetings from Uncle Adolf” in a parcel to a Jewish mum.

The customer found it in a toy ordered for her niece and was so upset she had to take two days off work, The Sun reported.

The victim believes she was targeted because of her Jewish surname and reported it to police as a hate crime.

She does not want to be identified but a friend claimed Amazon acted only after being shamed on social media.

Liran Meydat, 39, of North London, said the note was found in the Amazon wrapping, not in the product packaging.

She said: “British Jews feel scared to speak out, I’m an Israeli and have lived here for a few years so I don’t feel scared.

“When I heard what had happened, it made me think about my grandfather who showed me the number on his arm from the Polish death camps.

“He lost all his family there.”