Amazon trying to be One-Stop Shop for subscriptions

Women engineer Deepanwita Ghosh arrested for cheating Amazon for 70 lakhs
Women engineer Deepanwita Ghosh arrested for cheating Amazon for 70 lakhs.

California, April25:Just like how we’re seeing Facebook trying to make themselves the one-stop shop for all your social and entertainment needs, Amazon is trying to do the same in terms of retail. The company has recently announced a new service call “Subscribe with Amazon” in which it will basically offer up subscriptions to various services and all from one location: Amazon.

Basically if you spend a lot of time and money on Amazon and you’d prefer if you could consolidate all your purchases, purchase history, and information with just one platform, this is what the service is for. Users can browse the subscription store like would any other Amazon page, and from there they’ll be able to find a bunch of services that they can subscribe to, such as Dropbox, The New Yorker, Sling TV, and so on.

According to Amazon, “Subscribe with Amazon is a new way for subscription businesses to sell on Amazon, offering them targeted customer exposure through popular discovery features such as search and recommendations while also providing customers with a simple way to purchase and manage their subscriptions.”

The company is also touting how it will feature self-service tools aimed at service providers so that they can manage things like pricing, and also offer up special discounts that will be exclusive to Prime members. If you’re interested in seeing what Amazon has to offer, then head on over to its website for the details.