American Airlines has declared ban carry-on luggage in its basic economy class flights

American Airlines has declared ban carry-on luggage in its basic economy class flights

Washington,Jan 19:On Wednesday, American Airlines has declared a few plans for its basic economy class, said Robert Isom who is the president of the world’s largest airlines company. He added that the company is aimed at competing against the growing presence of reasonably priced air carriers.

But then, air traveler who prefer a pocket-friendly travelling experience would be compelled to manage without some basic amenities that are offered normally in modern air travel systems.

First of all, this airliner would ban carry-on luggage in its flights. The passengers of basic economy class would be permitted to bring a personal item on board the flight but only if it actually fits beneath the seat. But then, any luggage that has to be shoved into the overhead bin space has been banned.

This policy had been announced in the economy fare class of United Basic and it had been announced way back in November.

Both the airlines have said that the passengers of basic economy category need to check their bags at the counter once they arrive at the airport.

A spokesperson of American Airlines has asserted that basic economy passengers with luggage would be forced to gate check all their bags. Moreover, they would also be required to pay an additional handling fee. Therefore, rather than paying $25 for the first bag at the counter, these travellers would have to shell out at least $50 to gate check their bags. Also, they would need to pay $25 more as gate handling fee.

United Basic would also be charging a gate check fee amounting to $25 as gate handling fee, as revealed by a spokesperson of the airlines company.

On board the aircraft, the flight attendants would not be tasked with the duty of policing the utilization of overhead bins, as declared by Scott Kirby, the president of United Airlines.