American socialite Paris Hilton on Gold Rush DJ tour in Sydney

Sydney,Nov22:Paris Hilton is on a tour busy promoting her Gold Rush DJ tour. Recently, she made a DJ set at Marquee in Sydney on Saturday and got the audience partying. She, however, arrived stylishly late at around 1:20 in the morning. The party lasted for two hours.

The socialite ran a variety of mixed tracks in the party. Among the tracks are Red Hot Chili Peppers hits, “Coco” by O.T Genesis and “How Deep is Your Love” by Calvin Harris. Among the local celebrities who came to her gig are Josh Gibson, Jordan Barrett and Ian Thorpe as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

On her Twitter account, the hotel heiress posted that she had an epic time playing for the crowd in Marquee. She also mentioned that the mannequin challenge was awesome as she posted #LitAf. Paris Hilton went to Brisbane after the party. She also performed in Melbourne on Thursday.

The 35-year-old singer said that she loves that she can be a role model or an inspiration. She added that she is into women empowerment or girl power. She further said that she has high respect for women who want to make a name for themselves and not depend on a man.

Earlier this month, Paris Hilton also had a Gold Rush Tour party in Mexico City. Her next stop will be in Abu Dhabi where she will host party she dubbed, ” Formula One” at Abu Dhabi’s famous Club, VIP Room. Her party will be graced by Luciano on November 25. On November 26, Drake will exclusively host her party. A surprise celebrity guest will appear on November 27.