Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah’s corruption: Opposition strengthens allegations against BJP

Did Jay Shah deserved loans of 4,000% or was he benefited from his surname?

New Delhi, October 10: The opposition party Indian National Congress strengthens the allegations against the BJP President Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah. Congress had planned to conduct a March to the BJP office in Delhi. Rahul Gandhi would arise this allegation while his Gujarat visit.

While the BJP president Amit Shah did not respond to the allegations yet. Amit Shah would is likely to visit Uttar Pradesh today for taking part in a rally in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency, Amethi.

Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah had filed a defamation suit against the media which brought this huge corruption into the light. The media report says that the income of Jai shah’s company has increased by 16,000 times. Jai Shah alleged in his complaint that the report is baseless.

Reportedly, Jai Shah has filed a case in the Ahmedabad Metropolitan court asking 100 crores as damages from the seven members of the online media including the editor. While the media has taken a strong stance on the news which they published.

Rohini Singh from The Wire had exposed this latest episode of corruption. BJP is arising several allegations against Rohini. Earlier, the illegal financial dealings of Robert Vadra and the real estate Giant DLF during the UPA rule was also exposed by Rohini Singh.

The income of the company was Rs. 50,000 in 2015 with a profit of Rs. 18, 728. During 2015- 2016 period, the turnover of the company shoot up to Rs. 80.5 crores.

As part of preparing the news, the media has asked the response of Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah. The response given by his advocate did not deny the information. Instead, they warned that they will take legal action against the media if the news with the corruption and allegation is published.