Andhra Pradesh Farmers Send 68 Paise Cheques as gift PM Modi’s Birthday

Andhra Pradesh Farmers Send 68 Paise Cheques as gift PM Modi's Birthday

Hyderabad,India,September 18: Recently on the 67 birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi a few members of Rayalaseema Saguneeti Sadhana Samithi, a Kurnool-based NGO, sent cheques of 68 Paise as a gift to prime minister onhis birthday to highlight the neglect of the backward Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh.

 According to reports Rayalaseema Saguneeti Sadhana Samiti (RSSS), a group working for drought-hit farmers in Rayalaseema, sent 400 cheques of 68 Paise each to the prime minister to highlight the agrarian crisis faced by four districts in the region.

B Dasarath Reddy, president of the Samithi stated that Some of the members are farmers who are in distress due to the continuous drought-like situation in the region.

Reason describe that“Many rivers flow through the region but due to lack of irrigation and drinking water projects, farmers and people in this region face water shortage. We want to highlight our problems at the highest level so we are sending these cheques,’’ Dasarath Reddy said.

Although, it is Modi’s 67th birthday some members assumed it was 68th and made out cheques accordingly. “It is a peaceful protest on our part but hope it will make a powerful impact,’’ Reddy said.

The six cheques of which Reddy displayed photos were made out to Narendra Damodardas Modi and dated September 15.

Meanwhile They also claim that politicians are not interested in the farmer crisis in Rayalaseema due to the lack of political influence it carries. “Both Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy are from Rayalaseema,Yet they are not focusing attention on the region because there are only 54 Mla seats here and the rest are in coastal region. So they focus all their attention there,” a member said.

 With state leaders showing apathy to their plight, the farmers hope that their unique protest will help bring centre’s attention to the region.