Angry mob ransacks a hospital over alleged medical negligence in the treatment and death of an 8-year-old child

Kolkata, October 25: An angry mob ransacked a hospital over alleged medical negligence in the treatment of a child in West Bengal on Tuesday, police said.

The incident took place in T.L.D. Jaiswal hospital in Howrah district’s Ghusuri in Bengal.

The mob accused the hospital authorities of wrongly declaring an eight-year-old dead, while the boy was still alive, police said.

The victim’s relatives and locals then broke into the hospital alleging negligence and ransacked the premises for over an hour.

Crucial medical equipment in the hospital’s emergency ward was smashed to pieces.

Earlier on Tuesday, Tuhin Majumdar, who had survived drowning, was brought to the hospital by his relatives.

“Tuhin was still alive while we brought him to the hospital but they refused to admit him and declared he was dead,” one of Tuhin’s relatives alleged.

The relatives claimed that on their way back, they found symptoms of life in the child and brought him back to the hospital where he was ultimately declared dead.

The hospital authorities could not be contacted for comment.

Police have detained 10 persons for ransacking the hospital.