Another Dadri-like cow vigilantism case reported in UP

UP August 1:Over the weekend, this village in Kadhali, Muzaffarnagar, around 100 kilometers from Bisada village in Dadri tehsil, was besieged by rumors that Jishan Qureshi, a 58-year-old farmer, his wife Ehnaz Begum, and their guest Mohammad Saddam, had killed a cow and were keeping cow meat in the house.

A crowd of over 100 people gathered at Qureshi’s house, where a villager claims to have seen the body parts of a cow. When the villagers did not find anyone in Qureshi’s house, they vandalized the house, The Telegraph reported.

While the village in Muzaffarnagar is swamped by rumors, including the sighting of a cow’s head in Jishan’s house, the police has reportedly registered a case against the three Muslims, but not against the villagers who broke into his house.

Santosh Kumar Mishra, Superintendent of Police in Muzaffarnagar, told the newspaper that the U.P. government would invoke the National Security Act against the Jishan, Ehnaz and Saddam.