Anshu Jamsenpa from Arunachal Pradesh first Indian Woman to scale Mt. Everest four times

Anshu Jamsenpa from Arunachal Pradesh first Indian Woman to scale Mt. Everest four times

Itanagar, May 17: Are you tired of being undermined just because of your gender? Even your self -confidence has started breaking down. Then remember the lesson you had been learnt in school, every time you fall you have to rise again. Still if you don’t feel charged up, seek inspiration from a lady from our very own country India, Anshu Jamsenpa .

Anshu from the land of mountains has conquered the highest mountain peak of the world, Mt. Everest four times and became first Indian woman to achieve this height.

This superwoman belongs to a small town of Arunachal Pradesh, Bomdilla. Next time whenever you ask a north-east- “Are you from China”? , just remember the picture of Anshu Jamsenpa holding Indian flag in Mt. Everest.  She is the first Indian Woman to scale Mt. Everest four times. She was tagged crazy as she was from a middle class family and it was tough for her to afford the huge expenditure. But that could not stop her. She asked help from many people but the terrifying prospect of failure crossed her mind. She knew it was not going to be an ordinary climb. After her second successful climb, she told in n interview “Believe in yourself sand believe in God”. This strong faith in herself and the almighty, paved the way of her success.

Whenever we read successful stories of young women, we start thinking she is single and focusing on self only. But Anshu is a mother of two children. Her husband supported her when she was tagged crazy. She sometimes felt bad for imposing the burden on her husband.  But her husband is super proud of her. Her daughter’s classmate asked an autograph of this great mom.  She is the first mom in the world to climb Mt.Everest. She is the living Goddess Durga who manages family, her own dreams at same time.

Now after unfurling the Indian Tri-colour from highest peak, she is descending now to the base camp. The whole nation is waiting eagerly to celebrate the moment after return of their hero.