AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu believes that construction of Amaravati deserves to be part of school syllabus

Chandrababu Naidu aims cost effective mass transit systems including light metro in Andhra Pradesh.

Amaravati,July25: Chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu believes the construction of Amaravati deserves to be part of school syllabus.In recent meetings, the CM directed officials to explore possibilities of including the capital city construction in educational discourse. While there are a number of significant aspects to the construction of Amaravati, the CM thinks farmers voluntarily giving up vast extents under LPS is worthy of great discussion among graduates, scholars, students and teachers.Future generations are expected to greatly benefit from the capital city and their coming together to become partners of Amaravati construction shows great foresight on part of the public and this sociological aspect is of historical significance. Additionally, the people having such great faith in the government also deserves it share of research and study.The CM has asked the officials to promote Amaravati as a city of happiness and economic growth.

Earlier, he described Amaravati as the symbol of Telugu pride and emphasised that “every Telugu should own Amaravati and feel part of it”.The CM said the state government plans to lay the foundation for iconic government buildings in the capital on Vijaya Dasami this year. “Amaravati has great history, which dates back to the second century,” said the CM, “The origin of world famous Kohinoor diamond is also from here.”However, the CM has told officials that it must not seem as if the government is only concerned about the capital and is ignoring other development activities in the state. Accordingly, he has directed Capita Region Development Authority (CRDA) and irrigation department officials to promote his plans regarding Amaravati and Polavaram in equal measure among all villagers of Andhra Pradesh and NRI Telugus..