Apart from all rescue officials, Mexican Navy’s 7 year old Frida emerge as a star at quake hit Mexico

Apart from all rescue officials, Mexican Navy's 7 year old Frida emerge as a star at quake hit Mexico

Mexico, September 22: The most devastating earthquake in over 30 years was witnessed by Mexico on Tuesday. The quake of 7.1-magnitude resulted in killing about 270 people; 30 have still not been accounted for.

Amid frantic searches and rescue operations undergoing to help pull out people from under the rubble with shovels, a dog captured everyone’s attention on social media.

Frida, a 7-year-old Labrador, have been receiving a heap of praising tweets from the past few days for her bravery. She has saved the lives of about 52 people in the past. Wearing wide protective goggles, a harness and two pairs of boots, Frida is the star of Mexican navy’s Canine Unit.

About two weeks back when an earthquake hit the state of Oaxaca, Frida had found the body of a police officer in Juchitan. Under the rubble in disaster hit Mexico, more survivors will be found by Frida, hopes her handlers.

Sending to Enrique Rebsamen school, Frida found that 25 people including 19 children were dead.

Evil and Echo, a year and a half old dogs, work along with Frida. Initially, Evil and Echo will be entering the collapsed buildings.In case, they detect a person, she is sent inside to confirm if there is a casualty. From searching locations which are less than 20 inches high to places where they have to crawl to get inside the rubble, the dogs are a huge help to those carrying out the rescue operations.

Frida with Evil and Echo

Along with Frida, there are 15 more dogs who are rendering their services to search for people in Mexico City. However, it is only Frida who enjoys the massive followers on Twitter. People are even sending her more boots to keep her paws safe.