Appealing works of lucid art

New Delhi, Nov 18 (IANS) Art doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated and abstract. It can surely be lucid and appealing at the same time. An ongoing art show here elaborates this concept by bringing across simplistic art works and photographs to its onlookers.

The “Vignettes of Still Life” show, organised by Ritika Dhingra and The Harrington Street Art in Kolkata is on at The Stainless Property, Ishwar Nagar The Mira Complex, here.

Artist Pradeep Mishra’s works give due importance to nature and uses many hues on the colour palette to express emotions.

“My intention is to make people aware of all the other beings who coexist in this world of ours and the relationship we share with them,” he said.

According to him, “God’s creatures are different but there are so many similarities that need to be celebrated. This is what goes into creation of a happy world.”

Artist Santu Mudi’s water colour paintings are inspired by city of Kolkata during the british times.

“The act of simulating the feel of a washed and wet monsoon morning with water colours on paper is an unparalleled experience. The colours dissolve among themselves to create soft and malleable visuals of the city I live in,” Mudi said.

“The gradual spread of the translucent water pigments on paper is metaphoric of the closely woven dark nights and the light and shades of the day. It also stands for the way one moment leads to the other,” she said.

“The interplay of the motifs of the lamp-posts in a row , the architectures, humans, birds in moments of the day at times simultaneously appear usual and magical,” she added.

Photographer Gaurav Dhingra’s pictures explore an elaborate series of visual constructions of life through the lens. He prefers his work in monochrome, giving the audience an opportunity of seeing hiscompositions through his eyes.

“Photography has always given me a chance to explore the real character of a city, which goes unnoticed by a regular traveller,” Dhingra said.

“Taking a picture is just a small part but the process that goes behind it is what I find most appealing.”