Apple iPhone explodes, injures a repairman in Zurich

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Apple iPhone explodes, injures a repairman in Zurich

Zurich, January 10: An Apple iPhone exploded yesterday injuring a repairman in Zurich, on the day of iPhone’s launch anniversary. The man was trying to fix the phone in an Apple Store on Bahnhofstrasse street in Zurich when the overheated battery exploded.

The device exploded abruptly when the repairman was examining the device, without any particular reason, said the Zurich police official. The detonation of the device burned the victim’s hand slightly and seven other people who were present at the store were given medical attention. However, the incident did not cause any property damage.

The staff and customers were evacuated from the building, immediately after the explosion. According to the police statement, the staff handled the situation impeccably; they sprinkled quartz sand over the exploded phone to contain the harmful fumes exuded by the battery.

Later, the firemen were summoned and they took over the situation and mitigated the issue. The Zurich Forensic Institute is scrutinizing the incident and Apple is yet to make a statement addressing the issue.