“Are we in a democracy or a fascist dictatorship state?” CPI (M) on Rahul’s attack

Reaction on Rahul Gandhi's Convoy attack by D Raja,CPI(M)

New Delhi, August 5 (ANI): The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has branded the development as ‘condemnable’ and demanded more respect for the Vice-President of Congress from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) immediately after Rahul Gandhi’s convoy was attacked in Gujarat.
Speaking to ANI here, CPI (M) leader D. Raja said that the attack on Rahul Gandhi is condemnable and that he demands more respect as the Vice-President of Congress.
“How can such an attack take place? Are we in a democracy or a fascist dictatorship state?”, he said.
Raja blamed the BJP for the attacks as they happened in Gujarat, which is a BJP ruled state. “The BJP government must be held responsible for the attacks” he added.
Echoing similar sentiments, Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi said that the BJP was already shouting political slogans against Gandhi even before the attacks took place.
“While the people were welcoming him and telling him about their problems, the members of BJP were already shouting political slogans against Rahul Gandhi. The attack is condemnable.” Gogoi stated.
“Is this what the BJP is being taught? Are they being asked to throw stones at the members of opposition parties? ” he added
He also questioned the BJP and asked if Amit Shah or Narendra Modi will speak out on the attacks and criticize these attacks.
He further questioned the administration in Gujarat saying, “What is the state police doing? Why haven’t the people who are responsible being arrested?”
Earlier the Congress branded the attacks on Rahul Gandhi as “disgusting and disgraceful”,
Rahul Gandhi was visiting flood affected areas in Gujarat, on Friday, where he was also shown black flags by a group of protesters. (ANI)