Argentine red tegu lizard Mac Gyver ,hits trend on internet

Argentine red tegu lizard Mac Gyver ,hits trend on internet

California,July12:A couple  from California have an Argentine red tegu lizard as their pet.Buzzfed reported that this lizard was reared by the couple from when he was hatched.

The reptile is seemingly intelligent and lives like a human .

Tag a creature that has at one point eaten at least half a cherry

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The lizard even has a wikipedia page

The mammoth sized red reptile became an internet sensation and has thousands of followers on social media.

MacGyver has over 156k followers on Instagram, 44k followers on Youtube, and he even has a LinkedIn page as of now. Thousands of people showered their love on the reptile by looking at the pictures and videos of MacGyver eating, going for walks, and most importantly, cuddling.

His California owners told Daily Mail that MacGyver spends most of his day basking outside in the Californian sun on a rock. Though he will eat most types of meat apart from llama, but he is especially fond of grapes.

The average life expectancy of a tegu lizard is between 10 and 15 years. Check out some best pictures of MacGyver the lizard.