Arnab Goswami exposes jailed mafia don Shahabuddin- Lalu Yadav nexus in first exclusive on RepublicTV in Bihar

Arnab Goswami exposes jailed mafia don Shahabuddin- Lalu Yadav nexus in first exclusive on RepublicTV in Bihar

New Delhi,May 6:Arnab Goswami who s missing from media sphere for the last few months is finally back with his new Media house, Republic TV. The Channel which began its operations this morning announced his comeback loud and clear by airing a sensational tape. The tape shows the nexus of dreaded Mafia Don, Shahabuddin and Senior Bihar Politician, Lalu Prasad Yadav and how the former is trying to micromanage the state government even while he sits between the four walls of a jail in Bihar.

In the tape, Shahabuddin directly asks Lalu Prasad Yadav to remove a particular Bihar police SP or else threatened with a riot in Sivan. Other tapes also show Shahabuddin blackmailing some officials to mend their ways and co-operate with their liquor Mafia. Lalu Prasad Yadav is the coalition  of the ruling government in Bihar. Lalu’s Party has 80 MLAs in the Assembly and his son holds the crucial Home Ministry which is responsible for the Law and Order in the state. This story will be a sensation of a sort in the wake of the upcoming Presidential Elections. It has to be seen how Bihar CM Nitish Kumar reacts.

As per the report, the RJD chief is yet to respond to allegations. The channel also alleged of having received multiple calls from former Bihar chief minister asking it not to play the tape.

Arnab called on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to respond on the incident and taken an action. Responding to the entire episode, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Sushil Modi said, ‘Lalu must quit public life’. He also said that a BJP delegation will meet state governor soon on the issue.

“Republic of Arnab has exposed how Lalu is taking instructions from Dreaded criminal Shahabuddin. Will Nitish act?” wrote Modi on his twitter account. However, Tehseen Poonawalla called it a completely baseless report. “This is such baseless & made up story on @laluprasadrjd ji on @republic tv. Coz if true 1st answer how do u have pvt conversation?” he posted on Twitter.’

The channel claimed that Lalu was taking instructions from Shahabuddin on phone over riots. The channel quoted former Delhi CM and Congress leader Sheila Dikshit who refused to comment on the incident by saying, “Not my style to comment on others.” As per Republic TV, leaders of both JD(U) and Congress, the ruling partners in Bihar are yet to respond on the tape.

Ranjan’s family members are alleging the involvement of a mafia-turned-politician Shahabuddin in the murder. The former RJD MP is serving life-imprisonment and has been convicted in many cases including murder.

Ranjan’s father has said he has no faith in Bihar Police while his wife claims that her husband was murdered for releasing a photograph of Bihar minister Abdul Gafoor meeting Shahabuddin in Siwan jail this March. The incident had caused much embarrassment for Kumar’s government.