Around 68 Percentage surveyed believe corruption will reduce in 5 years

New Delhi, Dec 8 (IANS) Around 68 per cent of Indians surveyed expect that corruption in India will drastically reduce in the next five years, according to citizens connect platform LocalCircles.

According to the survey, in which 8,681 people participated, 16 per cent said that the reduction in corruption will only be marginal and 16 per cent said that there will be no reduction in corruption in India at all.

Forbes recently named India as one of the most corrupt country’s in the world with Transparency International ranking it at 76th out 168 in its 2015 corruption perception index.

On another question in the survey, four in 10 resspondents said they paid a bribe last year to get work done. Of those who paid bribes, 32 per cent citizens paid to the civic body.

While 31 per cent paid bribes to the local and traffic police, 31 per cent paid bribes for various registration and taxation related matters while only 6 per cent paid bribes to the local electricity board or power department.

According to the survey, 49 per cent citizens said that there has been no reduction in corruption in the state government and local administration in the last two years.

A majority of citizens also believe that India’s demonetisation programme, which is focused on reducing black money and increasing cashless transactions, will help in reducing corruption.