Art has no language: ‘Sarvann’ director

Mumbai, Jan 11 (IANS) If a story is “good” and one that appeals to the masses, language is no barrier for its reach, says Karaan Gulliani, who has directed Priyanka Chopra’s maiden Punjabi production “Sarvann”.

The film is releasing on Friday.

Gulliani, who found Priyanka to be a hands-on producer, told IANS here: “From the beginning of the film, she told me not to change any frame or the script and her small but crucial suggestion helped me to make the film better. She has a high conviction.”

Asked if Priyanka’s involvement has given better mileage to the film and has helped it to reach out to a wider audience, he said: “I believe that art has no language. Therefore, if the story is good and mass appealing, language cannot stop to its reach to a mass audience.

“Having said that, I must say that more than anything else, Priyanka has a great creative sensibility. So if the regional film industry will get many more sensitive producers like her, needless to say, it would be great.”

The film features Amrinder Gill as protagonist Mithu, who comes back to India from abroad to find his roots.

“I think at a young age, we are all rebellious and with age and experience of life, the realisation crosses our mind about how our parents are right and the value and importance of our cultural roots. The film talks about it,” Gulliani said.

The movie also features Simi Chahal and Ranjit Bawa.