Art show dedicated to world artists

New Delhi, Nov 18 (IANS) Aiming at cultural exchanges and sharing artistic ideas with people of different countries, an ongoing festival here helps young artists get exposed to diverse working styles.

The “International Art Symposium” organised by ‘I Art’ and curated by Sangeeta Murthy and Suchismita Sahoo, is on at Karma Lakelands till November 20.

Artists from six countries, along with 11 Indian artists, are exhibiting their paintings and sculptures at the second edition of the festival.

“The idea is to give platform to emerging International Artists in India and also to take our Indian artists abroad to showcase their works, Murthy said.

The show is expected to open new horizons for artists.

“We have always represented India in different countries and the cultural exchange that happens has always been enriching because it helps opening different avenues,” Sahoo said.

“What we see is that the working styles and colour combinations of different artists are different. Artists would get a chance to discuss distinct ideas and different ways of approaching art,” she added.

According to artist Rajesh Harsh: “There is a possibility that international artists are more technically sound. This exchange would help us in a big way as it would bridge the gap between countries with different cultures, traditions and thought process.”