Arvind Panagariya  resigns as the Vice-Chairman of the NITI Aayog,to return to Columbia University

Arvind-Panagariya -resigns-as-the-Vice-Chairman-of-the NITI-Aayog,to-return-to-Columbia-University

New Delhi,August1:Arvind Panagariya on Tuesday resigned as the Vice-Chairman of the NITI Aayog. From September, he will return as a faculty to Columbia University, where he had earlier been a professor of Indian Political Economy.

Panagariya had joined NITI after the Modi government came to power in 2014.

He is also a former chief economist of the Asian Development Bank and professor of economics at the University of Maryland at College Park. He has also worked with the World Bank, IMF and UNCTAD in various capacities. He holds a PhD in economics from Princeton University.

Asked about the reason for his sudden decision to quit, Panagariya said he was going back because he had exhausted his leave of absence at Columbia University. He clarified that he had no problem with anyone in his role as the vice-chairman of the NITI Aayog.