Assembly poll announcements gain unprecedented reach on social media

New Delhi [India], Jan. 5 (ANI): As soon as the Election Commission of India (ECI) announced the schedule of state assembly polls, which was live-streamed on social network platforms like Facebook, it achieved a total reach of over 5.24 Lakh people, 1,219 likes and 140 shares.
In a joint collaboration by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) and Press Information Bureau, the press conference by the ECI was live-streamed on MIB's YouTube channel, and on the Facebook pages of PIB, MIB and Facebook India.
It is being done to achieve widest possible outreach of information on the election schedules and other ECI guidelines for citizens.
Among MIB's social media accounts, a total of 22 tweets, five Facebook and one YouTube post were made.
Also, a total of 55,127 Impressions were achieved for the 22 tweets made from MIB handle.
These were re-tweeted 1,448 times and 550 favourites were achieved. Further, the Live Stream of the ECI Press Conference on YouTube achieved 1,700 views.
Among PIB's social media accounts, a total of 68 tweets and 10 Facebook posts were made on Assembly Election Schedule. The Facebook posts achieved a total reach of more than 29,700 people, 167 Likes and 46 Shares, while PIB's tweets resulted in 6.5 lakh impressions (views), 4,140 retweets and 951 favourites, as of now.
The live-streaming of the event on PIB's Facebook page has reached 3.04 lakh people and fetched more than 800 views.
In addition to the above platforms, the ECI press conference was live streamed for the first time on two Facebook pages, namely Facebook India and Government, Politics and Non Profits, which collectively received a massive response with more than one lakh video views and reached over 13 Lakh people on Facebook.
The Facebook Live Stream received 6,400 likes and 624 shares.
On Twitter, the top trending hashtags throughout the day were #ElectionCommission, #AssemblyElection, Manipur and Goa, 5 States, Phase2, Uttarakhand and Model Code of Conduct.
The maximum potential reach was achieved on the hashtags #ElectionCommission and #AssemblyElection of about 21.2 crores and 20.1 crores of people respectively. (ANI)