Asteroid named after Freddie Mercury on 70th birthday

London, Sep 6 : Legendary singer Freddie Mercury now has an asteroid named after him.
To mark the Queens singers 70th birthday the International Astronomical Union has named an asteroid “17473 Freddiemercury”.
In a video uploaded to the bands YouTube page, Queen guitarist Brian May revealed the name honouring the famous frontman.

“Wheres Freddies asteroid? Well, its out in the main asteroid belt, beyond the orbit of Mars and inside the orbit of Jupiter. Its about three and a half kilometers across. It has an albido of point three, which means it only reflects about a third of the light shone onto it, so its a very dark object.
“From the Earth it shines at the 14th magnitude which means you have to have a pretty decent telescope to see it. Its just a dot of light but its a very special dot of light,” May said.
He also showed the certificate dedicating the asteroid to his late bandmate.
To honour Mercury on his birthday a Blue Plaque was put outside his first UK home