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Asteroid to past Earth today | Second this week

By Web Desk

February 09, 2018

Feb 9: An asteroid will past earth today, which is the second this week.

The  newly discovered space rock will pass within 63,000km of Earth on Friday evening GMT. Which is less than one-fifth the distance to the moon.

The Guardian reported that the asteroid is an estimated 50ft to 130ft (15 meters to 40 meters) in size, possibly bigger than the one that exploded over Russia five years ago this month.

US media quoted the manager of Nasa’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, Paul Chodas, saying that the asteroids this size usually don’t come this close – just once or twice a year.

Chodas told Guardian that it is a reminder that asteroids can pass very close to our planet and it’s important that we find these objects when they do get close.

On Tuesday, an asteroid passed within 114,000 miles (183,000km), slightly more than halfway to the moon.

Both of this week’s asteroids were discovered on 4 February by astronomers at the Nasa-funded Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona. Last year, more than 2,000 previously unknown near-Earth asteroids were discovered, according to Chodas.