Astrophotographer’s secret tips to get perfect photos of super blue blood moon lunar eclipse

Perfect vantage point

Experts say that your geography doesn’t matter to get a clean picturesque blood moon click. Its all about how you fix your right vantage point. According to expert astrophotographer Paean Ng, people should find a nice foreground interest, such as hills or a city skyline.

Another classy photographer Michael Goh said that ”Find something in the foreground to show the moon because if you just have the moon by itself up in the sky it just looks like a moon. You don’t see a large moon”. And people should also position themselves towards the west, pointing towards the eastern sky.

Timing and lighting up

If you are in your backyard or wherever, turn off all lights. Mr Ng said that The supermoon means the moon is 10 percent bigger than usual but also 10 percent brighter than usual. so when the moon rises it’ll be brighter than normal but after 2 hours it’ll be darker than normal so you get two hours to play”.


Smartphones usually have a wide lens, so the moon will look smaller. It’ll only look slightly larger if you have it with some juxtaposition … so you actually have a building there or tree that basically makes it look a little bit larger. It’s better to add some extra telescopic lenses to phone and follow the theory.

For DSLR and professional photographers

You want to use the most telephoto lens that you can use, something with 200 millimetres and above would be able to get the moon to a significant size in your frame

If you have a 600mm lens, that’s going to produce much better results