Aussie man uses crab to help him open beer bottle

Aussie man uses crab to help him open beer bottle

An Australian man who used a crab’s strong claws to pop the lid off his beer has drawn both praise and derision.

The Snapchat clip, which was saved and put on Facebook by a page called ‘Aussie Comedy’, has attracted a mix of comments on whether it was awesome or simply animal abuse.

Often people don’t have the right apparatus around them which may make it difficult to complete the job. An Australian man recently made the most bizarre innovation when he used a crab to help him open a bottle since he didn’t have the bottle around him.

According to a media report, the man from Australia was busy having a good time when he decided to open a beer bottle but sadly didn’t have the opener around him. While most of us have friends to open bottles with their teeth, the man chose an entirely different route and made a crab help him open the bottle and it did so very successfully.

The video posted on a Facebook group called Aussie Comedy has gone viral and is leaving people quite surprised. Man certainly can be quite innovative when he is in need of something or at least that is what the video indicates.

The video, which has 1.6 million views, shows a large crab sitting on top of a bottle of bourbon inside a chilly-bin, and when the man sticks his Victoria Bitter beer close to it, it lashes out angrily.

However the man continues to place his beer in the animal’s face, and after a few aggressive attempted pinches it finally clasps on the beer’s lid, pulling it off after a few seconds’ struggle.

“That’s mean. Don’t make fun of him and then eat him. It’s exploitation. I don’t find this funny. I do think you’re a c*** though,” one commenter wrote.

Another said it was “the greatest thing I have seen all week”, but explained how disappointed he was that “guilt-tripping fairies” concerned for the animal’s welfare had ruined it for him.

However one of the most popular comments on the video came from a man who pointed out that people labelling the man’s action animal abuse were probably hypocrites.

“Every single person concerned about the crab’s welfare is looking at this post on a mobile phone/computer or another electronic device, which have manufacturing and liquidation processes that end up raping forests/polluting waterways and creating landfill, which have a greater impact on the earth than a crab in an esky,” he wrote.

“So STFU and enjoy the simple pleasure of a mud crab opening a beer and stop raining on the parade.”