Australian mom who buys 3 year old son McCheeseburger, gets live maggots for free

Australian mom who buys 3 year old son McCheeseburger gets live maggots for free

Sydney,August12:Love a good McDonald’s cheeseburger? You may think differently after reading this. In a disgusting find, a mum in Australia saw her son’s cheeseburger teeming with live maggots. On August 9, Emaleigh Fuller ordered a Happy Meal for her son. However, upon closer inspection of the burger patty, she found it to be swarming with live maggots. Ms Fuller then took to McDonald’s’ official Facebook page to share details of the incident.

“Ive just bought a cheese burger happy meal for my 3 yr old and low and behold there are live maggots on/in the meat patty! Im absolutely disgusted (sic),” she wrote in her post.

In the comments section, Ms Fuller confirmed that the incident took place at a McDonald’s outlet in Maryborough.

The furious mum also added that she had frozen the product as evidence and that she would take the matter as far as she could.

According to The Sun, a McDonald’s spokesperson said in response to the incident “It is very unlikely this occurred in our restaurant; we have great confidence in our food safety and handling procedures. We have spoken with the customers and will investigate further.”

In March this year, a woman was served a fried lizard at a McDonald’s outlet in Kolkata.