Authorities of Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences asks youth admitted after custodial torture to leave hospital

Authorities of Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences asks youth admitted after custodial torture to leave hospital. Photo: Twitter

Nerella/Hyderabad, September 8: A youth from Nerella, who suffered custodial torture by police were alleged that they had set ablaze sand lorries at their village in Rajanna-Sircilla district, six of them were admitted to Nizam’s Institute Of Medical Sciences (NIMS) in Hyderabad on September 6. They were allegedly told without reason being given, to leave the hospital yesterday.

The Intravenous (IV)  fluids was removed forcibly and were told to leave the emergency ward. The six youths were outside the ward from yesterday evening where they were staging a protest. The protest was joined by leaders from the Opposition Congress and Bharatiya Janata Parties. Six of the eight men were from Dalit and Other Backward Classes communities were admitted to Nizam’s Institute Of Medical Sciences on September 6. The six youths were admitted by Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party leaders once the conditions attached to their bail had lapsed.

According to reliable sources, the six youths arrived late on Wednesday evening, so were not admitted to the outpatient ward. Due to that, the leaders had to pay extra to get them admitted to the emergency ward. However, from yesterday morning, the six youths told that the hospital authorities and police asked them to leave the hospital. Later yesterday evening, the youths from Nerella were allegedly moved out of the hospital.

According to media reports, Pasula Eshwar, one of the youths said that “We came here after we were released on conditional bail for the treatment.Till Wednesday night,everything was going fine. The doctors did initial tests and admitted us. By Thursday morning, doctors, nurses and other staffers asked us to leave.” The youths were seated outside emergency ward on hospital premises, villagers said their requests for treatment was of no use.

All the eight youths were sitting outside the ward. One was in a wheelchair. The youths told that they were threatened by some police officers who visited the hospital. “They said we are not supposed to be here and they shot some videos,” claimed Kola Harish, another youth.

“We cannot stand for more than five minutes. We have bruises all over. They pulled out the cannula and asked us to leave,” added Kola Harish. “Leaders from the opposition parties have come to help us, but no one from the government. IT minister KT Rama Rao came and left after making false promises,” said Pasula Eshwar.

According to media reports, when asked to comment upon the incident Dr K Manohar, the  Nizam’s Institute Of Medical Sciences Director refused the allegations and said that they did not tell the patients to leave. Dr K Manohar added that“We said that they are fit for discharge. When they said they will leave tomorrow, we agreed. Dr K Manohar further said that he was not aware why they were protesting. At the same time, Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao joined the protest and accused Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao of being irresponsible towards Dalits. K Chandrashekar Rao promised to be with the victims until they were provided treatment.