AYUSH moots Swiss model for practitioners, accreditation framework for training

Kolkata, Dec 1 (IANS) The AYUSH Ministry aims to take forward the Swiss model for Ayurveda practitioners and establish an accreditation framework for training programmes, an official said here on Thursday.

“With practitioners, we want to take forward the Swiss model (which has been accepted by consensus) … as a model which would be tried for replication in other countries, but through AYUSH and World Ayurveda Foundation, we would be providing a backbone to take this forward,” said AYUSH Secretary Ajit M. Sharan.

Sharan, speaking at the inaugural of the AROGYA Expo at the 7th World Ayurvedic Congress here, also announced plans for an accreditation framework for training programmes in the traditional medicine discipline.

“There is no common benchmarking for Ayurveda programmes. With the background of WHO training benchmarks, we would be putting in place an accreditation framework in collaboration with WAF and Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth. This would place Ayurveda science on a footing which is acceptable,” he said.

To encourage regular interaction with stakeholders, AYUSH will also put in place a structure to take ahead the platform, Sharan said.

The Ministry also launched guidelines for the Panchakarma centres.

“The centres are doing a good job but many are diluting the cause of Ayurveda by indulging in superficial practices,” he added.