Bad Time For ‘Maastigudi’ : Actor Duniya Vijay Arrested for Assaulting, out on bail

Duniya Vijay

Bengaluru, Nov 17: Kannada actor Duniya Vijay’s problems seem to be far from over as on Tuesday he was arrested by police on charges of assaulting an elderly man and was later released on bail. Complainant Jayaram has accused Vijay of slapping and kicking him following a heated argument over a family dispute. Jayaram is the father-in-law of Shankar Gowda, brother of Sundar Gowda, who is the producer of Vijay’s upcoming film Maastigudi.

Sundar Gowda has been held at the Ramanagaram prison by police after two young Kannada actors died while shooting the climax scene for Mastigudi, which is bankrolled by him. Since Vijay is close to Gowda’s family, he intervened to support Shankar in their family matter. According to reports, Jayaram had gone to meet his daughter, who’s married to Shivshankar Gowda. After an altercation broke between Jayaram and Shivshankar, Vijay had allegedly attacked Jayaram.

Duniya Vijay was detained by the police for assault and later release on bail.

Earlier to this, the Kannada superstar was in headlines after a stunt on the sets of Kannada film Masthigudi went terribly wrong when three actors Duniya Vijay, Uday and Anil jumped into a lake from a helicopter. Duniya Vijay Only the lead actor had a safety harness attached to him, while the other two were asked to jump without any safety harnesses. There were no prior rehearsals, and the stunt cost the two actors their lives.