‘Bangladeshi Taka 2 note sought after by Indian drug addicts’

Dhaka, Nov 16 (IANS) Due to high demand by Indian drug addicts, the Bangladeshi two Taka note is being smuggled into India for its durability, media reports said.

Sources said drug addicts use this note to roll into a pipe to inhale smoke from yaba, a powerful addictive stimulant, and heroin, the Dhaka Tribune reported.

This unique usage of the note was discovered recently after police arrested two Indians with a huge amount of the Bangladeshi currency at Benapole port in Jessore district.

According to the men, they had been smuggling the notes for some time now as it was very popular among drug addicts in India as a pipe made from the note can be used several times.

Not only this, it is believed that the Bangladeshi notes are being sold for Rs 5 each.

Asked about the smuggling of the note and its use in drug consumption, a Benapole Subedar said they were not aware about the particular usage.

“We don’t want our money to be smuggled. We are doing everything we can to stop it,” he said.

In 2012, a Russian online entertainment outlet declared the Bangladeshi two Taka note as one of the most beautifully designed currencies in the world.