Bani finds commoner Manveer hot (TV Snippets)

Mumbai, Nov 4 (IANS) VJ Bani J. feels that out of all male contestants in the “Bigg Boss” house Manveer Gurjar is the hottest.

The reality show, an Indian version of international series “Celebrity Big Brother”, features celebrities locked inside a house for three months under constant camera surveillance, without any gadgets or luxury. This time the spotlight is on the common man.

According to a source close to the show, Bani and Manveer have become friends in the past three weeks and are often seen spending time with each other.

“Be it analysing their performance in a task after its completion or just catching up on the day’s affairs, Manveer and Bani have been spotted spending quality time with each other too many times,” said the source.

In the Appy Fizz ‘Feel The Fizz’ luxury budget task, which will air on Friday, contestants had to fill questionnaires about their perceptions of fellow contestants.

“When it came down to Bani, Manveer was asked who according to Bani was the hottest male contestant and while he guessed it to be Gaurav, the response hit too close to home when she said that the answer was Manveer,” said the source. The show is aired on Colors channel.


Karishma Tanna happy with her ‘Nagarjun…’ look

Actress Karishma Tanna, who is seen essaying the role of Maskini in “Nagarjun -Ek Yoddha”, is happy with her ‘Egyptian Mermaid’ look in the TV show.

In the show, Karishma has two different looks – one for Naglok (fictional town of snakes) and another for Dhartilok (Earth).

She has to spend an extra hour in getting into the look of a ‘naagin’ as she has to put on a heavy crown which weighs around five kilograms.

“My look is that of a royal naagin and I think for the first time on Indian television any actress has been given such a glamorous look. I have this Egyptian Mermaid look and for the first time,” Karishma said in a statement.

She added: “My crown itself weighs around five kilograms and jewellery around three kilograms.”

Asked how difficult it is to shoot with so much jewellery, the actress said “Yes, it’s very difficult. I just wait for my shot to get over and remove the crown first and feel light for some time as it gets heavy on the head”.

The show is aired on Life OK.


Chetan Hansraj takes special martial arts training for TV show

Actor Chetan Hansraj has been undergoing a special mixed martial arts programme to help him gain the stamina for his role of Parvatak Malayketu in historical drama “Chandra Nandini”.

In the Star Plus show, Chetan’s character will be seen pitted against Chandragupt Maurya (played by Rajat Tokas) as the two don’t get along.

“I prefer to be fit as a fiddle at all times and really enjoy anything to do with my body; be it workout or any activity that keeps you going and tests your energy. Mixed martial art (MMA) was out of choice since I wanted to try something new apart from the mundane workout regime that we follow regularly,” Chetan said in a statement.

He added: “Learning MMA for three months was a lot of fun and I can definitely see the difference in my body and the muscles.”