Bani is very strong but misunderstood: Karan Mehra

Mumbai Nov 20 (IANS) TV actor Karan Mehra, who became the first celebrity to get evicted from the controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 10”, says VJ Bani J. is very strong, but she is very misunderstood in the house.

“I feel Bani is very strong, but it’s difficult for the people in the house to kind of understand her. She gets very misunderstood in the house that’s the only disadvantage,” Karan Mehra told IANS.

Karan says he had a “good connect” with Bani.

“But she doesn’t have the same connect with other people in the house. The problem is people have already formed a judgement about her,” added Karan, who is fondly remembered as Naitik from ” Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”.

The actor, who is married to TV actress Nisha Rawal, also feels happy that he is out of the show in a very dignified manner.

“My stay was good and I had lot of ups and downs but I have had my good moments as well. I am back home with my dignity from the most controversial house. I have made couple of friends in the house who will be there for the lifetime,” said Karan.