Banks reopen today; people wait overnight outside ATMs

New Delhi, Nov 15: Banks across the country will reopen after a day’s off today, and people started to form queues outside their gates since early morning to get their old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes exchanged.

Meanwhile, in the national capital, people in large numbers were seen waiting outside ATMs in the early morning hours. Many have been waiting since last night.

“I have to pay different people for wedding urgently. I am here in the queue while two of my brothers have lined up outside two different banks,” said Sunil, who was waiting outside an ATM in Delhi’s Bhajanpura are since last night.

“It’s been three days. I come daily and return empty-handed. I’ve come with a hope today that I get money,” said Mayadevi, who was also in the queue.

While some say they will come again tomorrow if they don’t get money, some run out of patience soon.

“Modi ji says the poor are sleeping peacefully and the rich are taking sleeping pills, but look at us. The rich are in peace. They can simply throw money,” said Bablu who joined the queue in the wee hours of Tuesday.