Barcelona star striker Lionel Messi vomits on team bench, again

New Delhi, Oct 19: Barcelona star striker Lionel Messi was caught on camera vomiting on the substitute bench after returning from suffering a groin injury.

Fans were inquisitive about the Argentinean star vomiting on the bench as they were worried something untoward was happening to the ‘acclaimed best player in the world’.

However, this is not the first time Lionel Messi has vomited before a match. Messi has thrown up publicly before at the Spanish Super Cup in 2011. Whether it is nerves or just some other problem, no one really knows.

“It’s something that always happens, it happened to me several times at my club so there’s nothing to worry about,” Messi once told a reporter.

Funny it all happened right before Luis Enrique was going to call in the player to the pitch.