Bariatric surgery for losing weight ,kills woman from Chennai

Bariatric surgery for losing weight ,kills woman from Chennai

Chennai,Sept25:: Surgery of any kind carries risk, and weight loss surgery is no exception.

When no results are obtained out the usual techniques of losing weight, obese people choose to go for the weight loss surgery.

A 46-year-old woman from Chennai lost her life in the process of losing weight which reportedly was about 160 kilos.

 The woman died at a city hospital in Chennai while undergoing bariatric surgery.
 A.Valarmathi, a native of Keezhnaachipatti village in Tiruvannamalai district.

She along with her three children underwent the surgery at the hospital but it proved fatal the woman as she succumbed to complications.

“We came for obesity treatment for my wife. Doctors said that they will do weight loss surgery for four in our family. They said that we do not have to bear all the costs and just have to pose for photographs before and after the surgery,” said Alagesan, Valarmathi’s husband.

The family said that they have spent a lot of money so far on medicines and other consultations and what they got in return was a nightmare.

The woman was in the hospital for almost a month and after declaring the first phase of surgery as successful, they had to conduct nine more surgeries to treat the complications.

Family members have filed a police complaint alleging medical negligence.

Police registered a case under section 174 of CrPC (suspicious death). The body was moved to the Government hospital for autopsy.