Battu Rajeshwari, 40 years-old women booked for blackmailing and extorting money from men, in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, November 11: A woman named Battu Rajeshwari, 40, has been arrested, who created fake profiles of herself on dating websites and used private conversations to blackmail and extort money from men.

She was arrested on Thursday by Hyderabad police. Police said that Rajeshwari was extorting big amounts from the men who had communicated with her via chat. She had also blackmailed her victims with screenshots of private conversations which she said she would make public. Police believe that, there would be many, who became victims of such cheating, but unable to file complaint fearing publicity of the matter.

Rajeshwari was active on websites such as Hyderabad police said that her primary target was techies from cities. Police have so far received complaints from three victims. According to authorities, one of the victims, a software engineer from Pragathi Nagar, had lodged a complaint on November 4 claiming he had met a woman named Cuty on

After a few days of conversation, the techie claimed she made him book movie tickets and had even connected with him on social media. The victim said there had been an exchange of private photos. On October 28, it’s alleged that the woman called him demanding Rs 3,500. She said she would make public the conversations between them along with the photos. And after the transfer of the sum, the woman called up the techie again demanding an extra Rs 50,000.
According to Hyderabad police, they have received two other similar complaints form victims of cheating by the same person. It is now believed that Cuty is in fact, Battu Rajeshwari. “She had fake profiles across dating websites aa well as on social media. She used them to trap men and blackmail them”, said police inspector E. Venkat Reddy, of the Cyber Crimes division. Police has also provided a phone number — 9490617347 — for potential victims to reach out on.