BBC ,London govt pulls their advertising from Google after they were found to run alongside ‘hate crime’ videos

BBC ,London govt pulls their advertising gorm Google after they were found to run alongside ‘hate crime’ videos

London, March18:A series of organisations pulled their advertising from Google’s YouTube platform yesterday after an investigation found many were being run alongside ‘hate crime’ videos.

The Government, the BBC, Channel 4 and Transport for London were among those who suspended advertising after it emerged extremist groups were profiting from the controversial arrangement.

Google, which owns YouTube, hands a slice of the revenue generated by adverts to those who post the videos they run alongside. It means terror groups, neo-Nazis and homophobes who upload material to the site are pocketing cash from Government agencies and other household names.

An investigation by the Times yesterday found that the Home Office, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force all had advertising promotions placed beside video rants from ‘shock-jock’ Michael Savage, who infamously told one gay caller he should ‘get aids and die.’

TfL, which is part-funded by the Government, had adverts running alongside videos by holocaust denier and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist David Duke, who is a former imperial wizard of the Klu Klux Klan.

Metropolitan Police promotions appeared alongside Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic organisation calling for the establishment of a global caliphate under Sharia law, which is banned in many countries