Be a head-turner by sporting trendy headgears

New Delhi, Dec 12 (IANS) Pick a woollen cap with pom-poms or an embroidered cap or a beanie to protect your head from the winter chill and to look chic as well, says a stylist.

Rina S. Walia, Stylist,, has shared a list of top five picks for the season:

* Beanie: Beanies is the quintessential cold weather hat. There’s no fun in donning boring colours. Brighten up those dull winter mornings by wearing a cute beanie in your favourite colour combination.

* A woollen headgear: Gone are the days when a whole head cover up was the way to go. Wear a handwoven knit headgear for an everlasting fashion statement.

* Woollen cap with pom-poms: It’s quirky and perfect for the winter season. The woollen flaps cover the ears and keep you warm and cosy. Not to forget, it looks super trendy.

* Checkered fedora: You are in your knee-high boots and an overcoat, but something feels incomplete. To complete your outfit and take it to a whole new level, don the fedora hat. The cool thing about this hat is that it’s unisex, so you and your partner can take turns wearing it.

* Embroidered cap: Add an element of fun with an embroidered woollen cap. It can be used as a statement piece that elevates your outfit to greater heights. It’s colourful, bright and can turn your day from gloomy to happy.