A Bee attack on plane in Hyderabad forces flight delay

A Bee attack on plane in Hyderabad forces flight delay

Hyderabad,August1:‘When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion,’ says an Ethiopian proverb, reaffirming that size doesn’t matter when all stand together. Something similar happened when a swarm of bees attacked an aeroplane and stalled it on the runway. Yes, when a big plane fell prey to tiny bees!

Flight 9I-867 of Alliance Air en route to Pune from Hyderabad on July 26 was delayed by an hour after a swarm of bees attacked the aircraft, news agency ANI reported.

The plane with 65 passengers could not move even after all passengers had boarded since the windscreen of the aircraft was covered with bees, forcing the pilot to just wait till they cleared out.

The video received by ANI from a passenger showed bees buzzing near the fuel tank. When authorities were informed about the attack, the Hyderabad ATC advised against taxing for take-off till the bees flew off, the report added.

“Safety is always our priority. So the pilot ensures all precautionary steps before taking off, “Air India spokesperson Dhanajay Kumar told the agency confirming the incident.