This Beijing Restaurant serves sex with food!

Beijing, June 28: Will you like a restaurant where your mocktails are served in breast shaped cups and your beer comes in penis shaped wooden bottle openers? Many would love it, isn’t it? That remains a distant dream in a country like India where talking about sex still remains a taboo but this isn’t the case in Beijing.

Lu Lu, a 27-year-old divorcee and the owner of an unusually exciting restaurant in Beijing that serves dishes like ‘Horny’ and ‘Sensual World’ has had customers streaming in to enjoy seafood in the company of sex dolls ever since she opened the place a year ago.

Mixing food cravings with sexual desires is undoubtedly an effective strategy to make excellent business and these profits may go up even more in the future because, according to reports, Lu Lu plans to raise the bar by letting customers whip the waitresses and handcuff the female customers so that their male companions can feed them.

Spending money on an air ticket suddenly seems totally worth it!