Bempu – This Bracelet Can Save Millions of Newborn Babies Every Year in India

Bengaluru, June 16: A Bangalore based company has devised a new tool to save newborn babies from dying due to Hypothermia. Bempu Hypothermia Alert Device is nothing but a bracelet which is  is a continuous temperature monitoring tool.


”Bempu is adevice which was found by Ratul Narain in 2013 after completing his graduation in Biomechanical Engineering and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford. He worked for eight years in the cardiovascular and neonatal health space in different companies”, as reporetd by The Better India. In November 2014, Ratul was awarded a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to build a hypothermia alert device.


Ratul Narain

It also has an inbuilt thermometer, which ensures that a premature and low birthweight baby maintains a healthy temperature. Continous beeping of the device indicates that the baby needs immediat medical attention and is being infected by hypothermia.

Bempu team with Divya and Rithiksha (centre)

”It has a built-in algorithm that indicates if the baby is hypothermic or is slipping into a state of hypothermia. All one has to do is place the bracelet on the newborn’s wrist and wait for five minutes. If the baby is warm, a blue light starts blinking every 30 seconds. If the baby is cold, the bracelet sounds an alarm and an orange light starts blinking. This means the baby is entering the first stage of hypothermia, giving parents enough time to take action. As an initial step, caretakers are advised to warm the baby by holding him/her against the skin or by swaddling” reports The Better India.

According tomedicalexperts, the device works 24/7 for four weeks and has to be replaced if the baby still needs it.

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