Benedict Cumberbatch happy to go back to Nepal

London, Nov 1 (IANS) Actor Benedict Cumberbatch was thrilled to film “Doctor Strange” in Nepal.

The 40-year-old actor originally visited Nepal while on his gap year and had a “fantastic” time returning to Kathmandu to shoot scenes for the Marvel film, reports

“It was amazing to go back to Kathmandu, to a place that was familiar but very different,” Cumberbatch told Hello magazine.

“The earthquake happened seven months before we went and I was adamant we still had to forge ahead with filming there. It was fantastic,” he added.

He also enjoyed the spiritual aspects to the story, when his titular alter ego seeks alternative ways to heal his hands after an accident leaves him unable to work.

“The thing that resonated in ‘Doctor Strange’ was the power of the mind to shape reality. I think people in all cultures have always needed beliefs,” he said.

“Wherever we lie on the spiritual spectrum, we’ll always wonder,” he added.

The movie will release in India on November 4.