Bengaluru businessman shot outside house six times during Diwali cracker burst

BENGALURU,Nov1: A gunman in Bengaluru used fireworks on Diwali as cover to shoot a businessman in a northern part of the city.

Surendra Kumar Paruchuri, 55, was shot reportedly six times in front of his house on Sunday night in Sanjaya Nagar, a wealthy neighbourhood.

The police said neighbours did not hear the shots which were lost in the noise of the fireworks.

As the businessman stepped out of his car, the gunman shot at him, firing six bullets in a matter of seconds, and then escaped with an accomplice who was waiting on a motorcycle, according to the police.
The businessman’s assistant and wife were in the car at the time of the killing.

Mr Paruchuri, who was involved in real estate and financial services, was entangled in a series of business disputes in court, and the police suspect a business rivalry as the motive for the murder.

He had recently licensed a gun and hired two bodyguards, whom he sacked claiming that he was dissatisfied with their services.