Bengaluru gym trainer slits Flipkart delivery man’s throat for getting smartphone free

BENGALURU,Dec15: On December 9, Nanjundaswamy went to a gym in Bengaluru to deliver a smartphone ordered on Flipkart. The man who had ordered it was allegedly waiting, not with cash but a kitchen knife. Days later, the police found the 29-year-old delivery man’s body, his throat slit.

Varun Kumar, a 22-year-old trainer, has been arrested for murder. He could not afford a smartphone, the police say, so he decided to get it at all costs, even if it meant killing the man who delivered it.

Varun ordered the phone online, apparently never intending to pay for it, and gave the gym as his address.

The police say he attacked Nanjundaswamy with an iron rod and a flower pot. When he fell unconscious, Varun allegedly slit his throat.

For hours, he kept the body hidden in the gym, waiting for everyone on the floor to leave before he could find a better hiding place. Then he dragged the body to the basement cellar, say police officers.
Varun allegedly kept the 12,000-rupee phone he had ordered, another more expensive phone, some cash and other goods in the delivery man’s bag.
When Nanjundaswamy didn’t return home for two days, his family reported him missing.

After tracking down the building where he made his last delivery, the police found the body in the cellar. The trail led to Varun, who had allegedly not opened the gym since the murder. He was arrested on Tuesday.

The police believe Varun had planned the murder as he had sneaked a kitchen knife into the gym a day before the phone delivery. They are trying to establish whether he had help.

A Flipkart spokesperson said Nanjundaswamy worked for an agency that delivers products for the online shopping company. His family will be given financial assistance, she added.