Bengaluru Kammanahalli assault: Victim identifies attacker

Bengaluru Kammanahalli assault: Victim identifies attacker.

Bengaluru, March 1: The Bengaluru Police has achieved a meritorious breakthrough in the Kammanahalli sexual assault case, as the victim identified the accused. In the incident, a woman was groped and molested by two men on a scooter on the night of December 31, 2016.

The assault victim has identified the accused during an identification parade by the Bengaluru police.
The CCTV video clip of the assault had gone viral hours after the mass molestation incident on New Year’ eve in Bengaluru. This triggered shockwaves across the country over the security of the women in the country.

The victim needed much persuasion to be a part of the identification parade as she was in a state of shock after the incident, said the Assistant Commissioner of Police Ravi Kumar.

After the assault, on December 31, she even changed her house, according to the police. As the police promised her protection, the victim agreed to turn up for the identification parade, in which she identified the accused.

The accused were arrested after a massive search operation launched by the Bengaluru Police. The main accused Aiyappa (19), along with Leno (20), Sudesh (20), James (20), Somashekar (24) and George (23), were arrested within a few days of the incident.

On the night of December 31, Aiyappa along with his friend Leno allegedly groped and molested the woman who was on her way home after New Year celebrations.

The entire act was caught on a CCTV camera installed outside a house in the area where the woman was attacked.

The video clip showed the woman falling on the road after escaping from her attackers even as some onlookers watched from a distance.