Beware! False news spreading in social media, Mathi alias Sardines have dangerous disease

Beware! False news spreading in social media, Mathi alias Sardines have dangerous disease. Photo: Facebook.

New Delhi, October 26: “The favourite fish of Malayalis, Sardines became afflicted with an unidentified disease. Inside its belly, it was found some small egg-like thing. But generally, Sardines do not have such a thing in its belly. Those who eat Sardines, please be careful… and share this maximum.”

This message had gone viral in the social media since two-three days.

The viral Facebook, Whatsapp message has also shown pictures of the symptoms of the so-called unknown disease.

The post claimed that those Sardines were caught from Muscat.

The picture showed the cut opened belly of the Sardines which had the egg-like and crystal-like objects.

Glugea is capable of making the cells around it in the shape of a sphere to form a shield.

But the experts in the health sector claimed that it is a false news.

The egg-like thing seen in Sardines are nothing but a parasite called Glugea, which could grow in fishes.

They grow inside the cells of fishes. Its scientific name is Glugea Sardinellensis.

This parasite is not considered as a rare one.

This is seen as the white egg-like or the crystal-like thing.

This could grow up to 1-18 mm size. This growth is known as Xenoma.

Where fishes grow in large clusters, the Glugea would be spread more.

According to media reports, doctors say that it does not make any health issues if the Glugea affected fish is eaten after cleaning, proper washing and boiling.

In fact, it is not a strange or dangerous disease. So no need to avoid eating Sardines after reading the fake news.